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Welcome to Woodard Goat Farm home page. We are breeders of full blooded New Zealand Kikos, Kiko percentage, and Tennessee Fainting Goats. Please feel free to look around and contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality meat and breeding animals as well as produce fast growing, low maintenance, and hardy goats. We hope to provide goats with improved parasite resistance, excellent maternal instincts, goats that require very little supplementation, and perform well under browse conditions.

About Our Farm

Our farm is located in the hills of Perry County, OH. We (Okey and Cindy) started raising goats as a hobby in 2003 and eventually got our sons (Talor and Tylor) involved. We started with two cross-bred does to raise for meat purposes. Then the boys started raising their own mini herd, and between the four of us those two cross-bred goats have slowly grown into 90-100 goats at any given time. Through careful selection we have developed our herd to mainly registered New Zealand Kikos, Purebred Kikos, and Kiko percentage goats. Over the course of the next year we will be culling out everything that does not have at least 50% Kiko or 100% Spanish bloodlines. We also started to raise Tennessee Fainting Goats that have helped grow our herd even more. We run between 35-45 Kiko does. When we have any kids available from kidding season we'll list them on our For Sale page. We also have 20-25 Tennessee Fainting Does that will also have their kids listed on the For Sale page. Check back often because we continuously add kids, yearlings, and adult Kiko and Fainting goats to the for sale page.

We belong to the American Kiko Goat Association




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